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Nintendo Switch turns into Hot Commodity

Nintendo Switch turns into Hot Commodity

The Nintendo Switch has become increasingly more difficult to get due to constraints in supply-chains and the economy. It does not help that demand for the portable console has also skyrocketed because people want to entertain themselves during the lockdown around the world. However, there are still retailers with stock for the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite.

The cheaper alternative to the sensational gaming console, the Switch Lite, can play almost all games that the original Switch can play. The system is designed to be more comfortable in hand and is perfect for gaming on the go. However, it lacks the critical features of Switch - mainly, the ability to switch to TV mode, and the removable controllers. Now when everybody is mostly sitting in their homes due to the pandemic, is the cheaper alternative, Switch Lite, worth it? Watch the following video and judge it for yourself.

To assist those that are looking to get their hands on either the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Lite, we created a list of the top online shops where you still might be able to get them.

Top Shops to buy Nintendo Switch Lite:

  • Nintendo StoreGameStop
  • B&H Photo
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Remember that stocks come and go, so be sure to check them out regularly.