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Running Android apps on the Nintendo Switch

Running Android apps on the Nintendo Switch

Under the hood, the Nintendo Switch console is essentially a gaming device made of smartphone components. The only difference between the Switch and a high-end smartphone are its slide on controllers and its association with a gaming giant. Switchroot is a group that got a build of Android running on Nintendo's console, which gives access to the Play Store and millions of apps.

While it is true that modern smartphones tend to have more powerful chips, the Nintendo Switch is optimized for gaming and has superior thermal management. Thanks to the group called "Switchroot", it is now possible to install Android-based apps and games to the Nintendo Switch gaming console and enjoy the games with better performance and even extra features like a fully integrated gamepad and even a possible TV mode.

If you are curious about what else it is capable of or want to mod your very own Nintendo Switch, check out the informative video below.

If you are interested in doing the project on your Switch unit, remember that there is always a risk of breaking it. On top of that, the legality of modifying the Nintendo Switch, or any gaming console, is questionable. But is it worth it? After considering all of its potential and the risks involved, we leave the answer to you.