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6 Best Emulators to play your favorite Classic Games

6 Best Emulators to play your favorite Classic Games

Rekindle your love for classic games by going full retro on your modern PC or mobile. Enjoy timeless classics with Emulator Download for the best console emulators for GBA, PSP, PS2, SNES, N64, and NDS. Don’t let your favorite games go obsolete! Give new life to your favorite console game by adding graphics, performance, and audio enhancements with these incredible emulators.

Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance

There was a time when having a Gameboy Advance console will instantly make you the star of the class. While that time has long passed, this handy console produced some of the best handheld games in history, and this legendary console deserves a legendary emulator. Visual Boy Advance is a remarkable emulator that can play both GBA and GBC titles. Although there are plenty of updated emulators, Visual Boy Advance is, by far, the most popular among the bunch. This seasoned emulator contributed greatly to the late development of GBA games and is considered the oldest and most reliable Gameboy Advance emulator, even despite the years.


PPSSPP Emulator

The PlayStation Portable is a solid handheld gaming console to have - even today! But despite its name, the PSP lacks the portability and mobility that modern phones offer. Fortunately, PSP emulation had come a long way. This open-source cross-platform emulator provides dozens of advanced features such as HD graphics enhancements, antialiasing, image scaling, and shader support that will bring out the beauty of your favorite game to make it look even better than what they are on the original console. With additional features like Ad Hoc wireless networking and device-specific features, PPSSPP is simply the leading PSP emulator for your phone and PC.


PS2 Emu

It’s not even a competition. When it comes to PS2 emulation, PCSX2 is the best PS2 emulator for PC and laptops. Featuring gameplay and graphics that trump all the competition, PCSX2 is the go-to PS2 emulator for thousands of users, and it should be yours as well. This advanced emulator supports a plethora of improvements in gameplay, convenience, and graphics that can easily beat the traditional PlayStation 2 console. And the best part? This free software features the ability to use custom resolutions of up to 8192×8192, so you can clearly see those pixel faces in UHD. Is it overkill? We don’t think so.

Snes9x EX+


The competition is fierce when it comes to the emulation of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or Super Famicom in Japan) - and with good reasons. After considering several high-quality emulators for various systems and platforms, we can confidently say that Snes9x EX+ takes home the crown for us. This open-source SNES emulator is an advanced standalone version of the original Snes9x. What makes this software stand out is the fact that it is fully optimized to bring retro-gaming to your mobile phones - be it Android or iPhone. This free app ultimately transforms your device into a portable SNES console, turning your pixelated dreams into reality, and we very much enjoyed every moment of it.


Project 64

Project64 is one of the oldest Nintendo64 emulators and is the one responsible for setting the standards for N64 emulation. By using the recommended N64 plugins, you can technically achieve the highest compatibility and game accuracy currently possible for a Nintendo 64 emulator. This open-source emulator features a more user-friendly approach as it allows one to play their favorite titles out of the box. It also has several advanced features such as HD graphics enhancements, and even built-in cheat codes. With years under its belt, Project64 is still one of the leading N64 emulators on the market.



The Nintendo DS is a unique handheld gaming console that utilizes dual screens for gameplay. Because of this, it has produced some of the most exciting and interesting handheld games in history. Unfortunately, it also made the device a bit more tricky to emulate. Despite the obvious challenge, DeSmuME has proven itself to be one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for all major desktop platforms. This open-source emulator offers various graphics customization options, as well as convenient features like Cheat Code Manager, USB controller support, and quick save-state saving. For casual gamers, DeSmuME offers everything you could ever need, and a whole lot more. The only downside is it does not, and will not, support any Wi-Fi features that are present on the original console.